is dedicated to full-length documentary films created in small cinematographies and independent productions, films which strike with their innovativeness, ideas and power of their stories.

UnderhillFest, as such, represents a real challenge in Montenegro, in terms of program and production.The aim of our festival is primarily to educate the public about the special place that this particular form of film enjoys in the world cinema, as well as about the power that documentaries have in presenting solving both urgent and those seemingly trivial social problems in the world.

Our festival is, by all means, a humane and socially engaged project: isolated from any institutionalized framework, open, slightly alternative and rebellious, intended solely for a free, creative and curious visitor who likes art and film, and who can recognize the seriousness of the problems that documentary films are dealing with.

Our festival has managed to find its path to the authentic audience among the regular fans of the documentary film, students who want more information about this film and professionals who contribute to the collective education about the film.


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Entry deadline: March 15th 2014.

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