Slovenia, Austria/ 2017/106’



EDITOR: Rok Biček, Yulia Roschina

PRODUCER: Erna Gorše Biček, Rok Biček

AWARDS: Locarno 2017 – Critics Week (Critics Week Award), Sarajevo 2017, Portorož 2017 (Best Picture)


  • Nantucket Film Festival 2017 – Best Storytelling in a Documentary;
  • Tribeca Film Festival 2017;
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2017;
  • Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017;
  • LA Film Festival 2017;
  • Sydney Film Festival 2017;
  • Black Harvest Film Festival 2017;
  • Latitude Festival 2017

At fourteen, Matej’s family confronts him with the world of mental disorders and he spends the time isolated from his peers. At twenty, as he becomes a father himself, it looks as if he would be able to transcend his past and create a family of his own, but his behavior and personality – deeply affected by his history – disturb his new-found peace. Two months after the birth of his daughter, Matej’s girlfriend breaks up with him, leaving him no choice but to fight for custody. The battle becomes so bitter that Matej decides to act radically.

Rok Biček

Rok Biček

He was born in 1985 in Slovenia. He directed several short films including “The Family” (2008) and “Duck Hunting” (2010). His first feature, “Class Enemy” won the Fedeora award at Venice in 2014.