Films, Regional selection

Croatia/2017/ 78`

DIRECTOR: Robert Tomić Zuber

SCREENWRITER: Marjan Alčevski

EDITOR: Sandra Mitić

MUSIC: Sergey Cheremisinov

PRODUCER: Siniša Juričić

PRODUCTION: Nukleus Film


  • Pula Film Festival, 2017;
  • Liburnia Film Festival, 2017;
  • International Documentary and Short Film Festival – DOKU Fest, 2017.

Parents of a 5-year-old girl, Nora Šitum, after exhausting every medical possibility in Croatia, decided to start the last round of their fight to save their daughter. Đana and Ivica start a humanitarian action to save their child, bringing together the entire Croatia. Citizens of Croatia in only a week gathered almost a million dollars for Nora’s treatment in the US. Unfortunately, two months later Nora passed away. Her grieving parents return to Croatia, finding comfort in the fact that with the remaining money they could help other sick kids. But, the association through whose account the funds were collected for Nora’s treatment, kept hiding the accurate amount when asked by the parents how much money was left. Over the next four years, Nora’s parents went through media and legal hell trying to figure out what happened with the money collected for their daughter’s treatment, fighting that the money serves the purpose for which it was collected in the first place – to help sick children diagnosed with malignant diseases get treatment.

Robert Tomić Zuber

Robert Tomić Zuber

He was born in 1976 in Pula, Croatia. He graduated in sociology, but for the last twenty years he’s been working as a journalist and editor in Croatian newspapers, radio and TV. He was awarded twice for his work by the Croatian journalist association. After eleven years of work, in 2016 he left HRT and founded his own production company TOROlab. He directed the following films: “Dreams at the railway stations”, about the first concert of Đorđe Balašević in Croatia after the war; “The Accidental Son” his second documentary which was awarded the best documentary of 2008 in Croatia, for which he also received “Oktavijan” award by Croatian film critics; “Mila Seeking Senida” 2010, he presents his work to the region for which he received Human Rights Award at Sarajevo film festival, audience award and Mediteran film festival jury award, special recognitions… “Candidate” and “You can be whatever you want”.