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Entry deadline: April 15th 2013.

Third Telecom UNDERHILLFest

 7-15.jun 2012.


 Smells of Documentary

From dance to Formula 1, from focus of the war to intimate confessions, and lonely fisherman and desire to have a child. From music and our former state, then icon of the Yugoslav star system, to a cell phone movie. It all fits Third Telekom UnderhillFest. Authors willing to revise the most painful points of reality where past and future are being cut off. At the same time, they are exploring multiple layers of film language by building the original style and constantly shifting boundaries. Authorial documentary is a training ground for those most imaginative whose path to success may not be reinforced with money, but it can. It is important that they bring their own world view, the one that has the strength to survive the time and outlive the moment they investigate. During eight days in Podgorica different film poetics will collide, all revealing the richness of cinematic expression in their own way. They say that today everyone is socially engaged and that it is no longer so inspirational theme. People involved in the world of authorial documentary have always been infected with both human, and with all other rights. Long before it became quite as socially acceptable and desirable thing, and thing of legitimacy. That is why they speak from the belly, out of necessity, and that is why their every single shot is so powerful and multifaceted. For the third time we bring you a variety of stories from authors form all over the world. Author’s language is spoken by the entire planet. During previous two years we managed to gather creative and well-intentioned people who want to undergo the cinematic experience that will move and shake their opinions and views. In June, the third year in a row, besides of summer, Podgorica smells of authorial documentaries.

Vuk Perović –Creative director